Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Cervidae
Genus: Odocoileinae

Color: Brown or tan with some white
Weight: Buck; 150-300 lbs. Doe; 90-200lbs
Range: Whitetail Deer can be found in southern Canada and most of America except for Alaska and Hawaii

The white-tailed deer lives in wooded areas. In some areas, deer overpopulation is a problem. Gray wolves and mountain lions used to be predators of the white-tailed deer and helped keep their population under control. But because of hunting and human development, there are not very many wolves and mountain lions left in some parts of North America.
Diet:grass, grass seed, corn, acorns, tree bark, grain, and apples

velvit_buck.jpg doe.jpegeatin_g_apples.jpg
Lives 6-14 years old

richanrdson.jpg The rack on a whitetail deer's rack exceed 300 in.
Mountain lions, Wolves, Coyotes, are some of the top predators of deer.

Deer cost thousands of dollars in damage to cars every year.