Bio Diesel Wiki By Blain Messman.

Introduction to wiki.

This wiki is about bio diesel. I did thio sin my 8th grade science class. I worked on this report in the year 2011in the month of march to May. I hope if you drive a diesel truck after you read this you will convert to bio diesel. This bio diesel report is on how it reeduces pollution and other harmful things. while normal diesel causes increses greenhouse gases.

More Bio Diesel information

Bio disel is leggally registerd fuel with additives with the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency also known as the EPA. The The EPA registures all bio diesels that meets the specifactions and does not depend on the oil or fats in the diesel used to produce and production and process employed. products other than which many of them are offered to the consumers without the benefit of the EPA registration or extensive testing and demos are misabled as biofuels. Bio diesel standards it is not legal bio diesel and shouldnt be used in any diesel engines at all or other types of equitment. You can buy Bio Diesel nation wide and at any gas station that sells diesel. For example Thourtons, Dixie truck stop etc.You should use bio diesel because your diesel engine lasts way longer. You can buy Bio Diesel in different percaents of how much Bio Diesel amounts you can buy it in 100 % 80 percant and 50 percent and 75 percent bio diesel. Bio Diesel can also be used for heating oilin residential and industrial boilers a mix of heating oil and biofuel which is standardized and taxed slightly diffrerntly than diesel used for transportion. It is also known as bioheat which is registered as a trdemark as the National Biodiesel Board the NBB and the Natinonal Oilheat Research Alliance in the United States of America and Columbia Fuels in Canada Heating bio Diesel is avaliable in all kinds of blends up to 20 percent biofuel is considered acceptable for use in all furnaces that existed withoput any at all modification. Making bio diesel at home is so simple that a caveman could do it. I hope we can keep moving foward with bio diesel so we can keep the earth cleaner for as long as possible. I aslso hope that with bio diesel and other bio fuels it will make the panet cleaner so we can live healthier with a less chance of gettiong some type of cancer in our life time. Soy bio diesel is a little bit different than corn bo diesel. Soy isnt the only answer but that and corn bio diesels are a really big part of the answer though. We also need other types of bio fuels. On this report while Couldnt find information on it but they are starting to expirement with wheat bio diesel.

=Biodiesel fact

diesel is made from vegetable oil and animal fat and methanol mixed in with it to make it run off the animal fat or vegetable oil it can be used in any motor without using any modifications.the engines last longer by using the biodiesel. And its made from used cooking oil.Bio diesels a much cleaner fuel than normal old diesel for trucks and equipment.Bio diesel is 75% cleaner than petroleum base diesel fuel.

Bio diesel reduces unburned hydrocarbons 93% less carbon monoxide 50%less and particulate matter 30% less in exhaust fumes as well as caner causing PAH 80% less nitrated PAH compounds 90% less.Sulfur dioxide emissions are not there in bio diesel does not contain no sulphur.Bio dieselis plant based and using it.The ozone forming potential of bio diesel emissions nearly 50% less then petro based diesel emissions.Nitrogen oxide emissions may increase or decrease with bio diesel but can be reduced than regular diesel fuel levels.

Biodiesel exhaust is not offensive and cannot cause eye irration and it also (it smells like French fries!).The raw material they use for bio diesel is old used frying oil or used cooking oils.Bio diesel is biodegradableBio diesel is much better lubricant than old normal diesel and extends engine life even a smaller amount of bio diesel means cleaner emissions and better engine lubrication 1% bio diesel added to normal diesel will increase lubricity by65%.Bio diesel also lowers the risk of cancer than regular diesel has in the emissions.
World carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years, says US report, by David Adam, environment correspondent, The Guardian, May 13, 2008

Energy efficiency

According to a comparative life cycle study by the US Department of Energy biodesel requires only 0.31 units of fossil energy to make 1 unit of fuel.

An Overview of Bio diesel and Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles
By contrast it takes 1.2 units of fossil fuels resource to make 1 unit of regular diesel.

I wonder that the true energy efficiency figures for bio diesel would be if fossil fuels were eliminated from the equation and the entire production process by bio fuels produced on the farm from planting the seeds to filling the tank. And if its an organic Farm the fuel based on chemicals fertilizers are eliminated as well. Why waste energy crops to a distant large scale central processing unit and then waste even more energy trucking the finished fuel all the way back again . instead of processing it and using it right there where it was grown. I also wonder if bio diesel smells like anything else besides french fries.

Biodiesel Grows Up from Shaleece Haas on Vimeo.

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Bio diesels derived from natural and renewable substances such as vegetable oils and animal fats and has become increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based fuels. As with other natural substances, if left untreated, bio diesel is susceptible to oxidative degradation. Degradation of bio diesel leads to the formation of lower molecular weight acids, peroxides and gums that can result in unwanted changes in both the properties and performance of bio diesel. These deposits and gums can result in damage to the engine and fuel injection systems.Bio dieselis derived from nature and reusable resources. Such as animal fat and vegetable oils.and has become increasingly popular as an environmentlly alternative to petroleum based diesel fuels. As with other natural substances if left untreated bio diesel is susceptile to oxidative degradation. Degradation of bio diesel leads to the formation of lower molecular weight acids peroxides and gums that can result in unwanted changes in both the properties and performance of biodiesel.

Biodiesel is one of three emerging biofuels; (the other two are ethanol and biosyngas)it’s garnering lots of press and for good reason:
Bio Diesel is one of the 3 new renewable fuels bio diesel is included with ethanol and biosyngas. Bio Diesel is now cheaper than regular diesel since diesel prices just went up .



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Biodiesel Title
Biodiesel Title

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New Holland agriculture makes a special line of combines just made for biodiesel not normal diesel and John Deere is soon to come out with engines that willr un on complete 100% biodiesel and normal diesel.

used cooking oil
used cooking oil

This person is mixing pig fat to make his own biodiesel blend.

This John Deere 9870sts combine is able to run on 100% biodiesel.

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Most farm equipment is now biodiesel ready.

Semi tractors are bio diesel ready they have been made that way since 2005.

This is a biodiesel plant in Northern Illinois most bio diesel plants are grain elevators with a plant next to it so they dont have to have any grain hauling payments so they have the plant right there at the elevator.
Ken worth semi tractor manufacturing makes all their trucks with bio diesel ready. But you have to now special order the Bio diesel motors for the trucks because bio diesel ready is more expensive to make.

Heavy Duty pick ups can now run on bio diesel all car manufactures started thi sin the year 2000.
Picture facts.

They also use biodiesel on farms.Farmers mainly make bio diesel out of corn and soybeans and wheat and its good money for them too. The most common bio diesel is made out of corn.biodiesel is the same thing as raw vegetable oil.A map on how biodiesel helps cut down on Co2.Here is a book I read over spring break in 7th grade on how bio diesel is better for the earth than regular diesel I recommend this book if you are interested to learn more about bio diesel.And for America not to relay on other countries for fuel we can make ourselves.

I hope since you have read up on how much better bio diesel is than regular diesel you will start using bio diesel. If you do thinks but if you dont its fine to. I just hope you switch. thanks for taking your tine to read my report.